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Oulton Academy promotes excellence in everything our pupils undertake. It is important for the Academy and pupils that the way pupils present themselves is positive and acceptable and is in keeping with a disciplined and well-ordered establishment.

The uniform and appearance of our pupils will support the ethos of our Academy; providing the pupils with pride to be a part of the Academy and enabling them to be ambassadors for their Academy. High standards of presentation are required at all times when wearing Academy uniform. It is expected that all pupils will come to school every day in a neat, clean uniform, including when travelling to and from the Academy.

The support of families is essential to this process. A smart uniform improves discipline, self-esteem and self-respect and reflects the professional environment within the Academy. Uniform focuses attention upon learning and away from potential distractions (comparisons between pupils, fashion status, designer items) and promotes equity amongst pupils.

Pupils not adhering to the uniform expectations will be supported in ensuring they do not face discrimination because of this. Pupils arriving to the Academy in incorrect uniform will be supported to rectify this by loaning items of uniform. Parents will be informed that this has taken place, so they can assist with ensuring the correct uniform is worn in future. If a student refuses to wear any item of uniform offered or if there is no replacement available, they will be placed into our Reflections and Resilience provision.

On occasions, where medical conditions are evidenced to the Academy, there can and will be reasonable adjustments made as appropriate.

Oulton Academy uniform can be purchased from our preferred suppliers, Graham Briggs School Outfitters & Better and Bright, by visiting their online stores:

Graham Briggs

Better and Bright

Please note that Graham Briggs will be the sole supplier of Oulton Academy PE kit from September 2022 – August 2023 due to the availability of specific Oulton Academy colours. This includes the rugby top, t-shirt and leggings.

Please refer to the attached guidance regarding Oulton Academy uniform expectations.

Expectations: Required Uniform




Oulton Insights

Oulton Academy is an open and transparent academy, we welcome feedback from all our stakeholders. The following are just some of the many positive comments that we have received.

Oulton Academy students are very polite and had some amazing questions for us. Thanks for inviting us to come to Oulton Academy! - Visitor: Vicky Pointing Notre Dame Sixth Form

My daughter has certainly noticed a significant improvement in behaviour throughout the academy which in turn is helping her concentrate better in class! - Parent

Miss O'Connor is a credit to the school, a brilliant teacher and always does what she says she's going to do. I don't know what we'd have done without her! - Parent

Mrs Long has been fantastic as a head of year for my daughter! I would recommend the school just on how supportive she has been! - Parent

I have 2 children at the academy, one in year 11 and the other in year 7 and have never had a problem! I would recommend Oulton Academy! - Parent

This award clearly recognises the high quality of learning and values-driven personal development programme in your school.' - T Haigh, Association of Character Education, ACE.

'Thankyou for making high school so much better' - Year 11 Student

'I couldn't have felt this confident on my GCSE's without you pushing me all the way' - Year 11 Student

'We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the time and effort you and your staff have put into supporting my daughter over the past 18 months' - Year 11 Parent