Home Academy Agreement

Oulton Academy strongly believe that an effective working partnership between the home and the Academy is essential to effectively influence the academic and personal development of our pupils. Therefore, the Home Academy Agreement is integral for each individual pupil to ensure they fully embrace and benefit from all of the opportunities available to them (social, personal and academic) during their time at Oulton Academy.

The Home Academy Agreement sets out the basis of the Academy’s expectations for both parents and carers and our pupils, and also formalises what you can expect from us. It is a key document that summaries the high expectations we have for our staff, for our parents and carers and for our pupils. The agreement also emphasises how important it is that each party fulfils those expectations, at the highest standard possible, for the holistic development of each child.

Aims of the Academy and home partnership agreement

  • To work with our parents and carers to enable pupils of all abilities to make the most of their intellectual, practical and physical abilities, pursuing each individual child’s full potential.
  • To work with our parents and carers to ensure that our pupils are safe and receive the highest standards of support and care.
  • To support our parents and families to help pupils to develop self-confidence, motivation, respect, resilience and self-control.
  • To support our parents and families to help pupils to develop their leadership skills, leading others though demonstrating desirable behaviours, such as treating others with respect and care, displaying good manners.
  • To help our parents and carers to support our pupils to develop high aspirations and resilience to pursue a rewarding and fulfilling future.
  • To encourage our parents and carers of pupils to participate in the life of the academy and to celebrate the achievement of their children and others.

All Oulton Academy pupils and parents are asked to sign the agreement to demonstrate that they endorse the general principles that are set out within it and to show how we all work together collaboratively for the educational benefit of each individual child.

As well as outlining our agreement to provide your child with the best possible education and support, your signature signifies your commitment to positively working with us to achieve this. Pupils are asked to sign the agreement to show that they too are willing to make the most of the opportunities that are available to them, reminding them of their pledge to uphold the excellent standards of behaviour and effort that is expected at Oulton Academy.

Oulton Academy is thoroughly committed to the continuous development of our relationship with Parents and Carers, as highlighted through our achievement of the Leading Parent Partnership Award.