Oulton Academy Summer 2022 9

Key Stage 3

At Oulton Academy, we have close relationships with our primary feeder school colleagues. Through our comprehensive Year 6 into 7 transition programme ‘Stepping Up’ this means we have a wealth of information, particularly for vulnerable students. Our current year 7 cohort, 2022-2023 has 34% PP cohort. 

We know that a focus on reading, writing and numeracy is paramount at this stage of education. Across our feeder schools, 32 for the current academic year, we see there is an understanding of French and less frequently Spanish amongst our students. There is an appreciation of basic Science principles. 

Subjects like Geography and History are also developed to a foundation level and students come with some knowledge of the world around them. Sport and PE are enjoyed by the majority of students as well as opportunities to do Performing Arts and Design Technology.  

Overall students entering Oulton Academy have received a broad and rich curriculum at KS2. 

On entering Oulton Academy, ALL students study an exciting programme of English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, a Modern Foreign Language, Physical Education, Digital Literacy, Religious Education and Citizenship studied through our Life programme as well as our creative curriculum of Art, Music, Drama and Technology subjects such as Product Design, Food Technology and Textiles. 

The curriculum at Key Stage 3 aims to foster thought, curiosity and a desire for learning in all pupils, regardless of their backgrounds, strengths or needs. It is designed to provide all pupils with knowledge that will be valuable to them, both in the later stages of their education as they make choices about which subjects to study in greater depth and, also generally, as the adults, citizens, employees and employers of the future. It should be a gateway to opportunity and to a fulfilling and prosperous life in modern Britain and beyond. 

In order to ensure that all pupils have sufficient opportunity to build the knowledge required to meet their fullest potential and to ensure that their future opportunities and pathways are not limited, we have carefully structured and sequenced the content of the Key Stage 3 curriculum over a three-year period (Years 7 to 9). It is designed to be broad and balanced and has been audited to ensure that it covers, but is not limited to, the scale and scope of the national curriculum. 

Students are taught in ability groups for the majority of subjects. These groupings are initially based on performance at Key Stage 2 using Analyse Schools Performance - QLA – Year 7. (See attached) 


Oulton Insights

Oulton Academy is an open and transparent academy, we welcome feedback from all our stakeholders. The following are just some of the many positive comments that we have received.

Oulton Academy students are very polite and had some amazing questions for us. Thanks for inviting us to come to Oulton Academy! - Visitor: Vicky Pointing Notre Dame Sixth Form

My daughter has certainly noticed a significant improvement in behaviour throughout the academy which in turn is helping her concentrate better in class! - Parent

Miss O'Connor is a credit to the school, a brilliant teacher and always does what she says she's going to do. I don't know what we'd have done without her! - Parent

Mrs Long has been fantastic as a head of year for my daughter! I would recommend the school just on how supportive she has been! - Parent

I have 2 children at the academy, one in year 11 and the other in year 7 and have never had a problem! I would recommend Oulton Academy! - Parent

This award clearly recognises the high quality of learning and values-driven personal development programme in your school.' - T Haigh, Association of Character Education, ACE.

'Thankyou for making high school so much better' - Year 11 Student

'I couldn't have felt this confident on my GCSE's without you pushing me all the way' - Year 11 Student

'We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the time and effort you and your staff have put into supporting my daughter over the past 18 months' - Year 11 Parent