As parents ourselves, we understand how much thought, effort and emotion goes into choosing an high school and that it is a decision which affects the whole family. From this, we have built a transition process which gives students and their families many opportunities to meet us, ask questions and learn how we do things so you can make sure that we are the right school for your family.

We liaise very closely with primary schools and use the information gained to make the transition to Oulton Academy an exciting and positive experience so that when students arrive in September they will feel confident, comfortable and ready to learn. Our Pastoral Leader for Years 6 and 7 visits every feeder primary school during our extensive transition programme every year that starts as soon as places are allocated.

To enable children to achieve their full potential, we are committed in creating an environment where children feel safe and happy. We have structured our school day so that students, especially those in Year 7, will feel safe and be able to learn in a happy and calm environment. Year 7 have their own lunch time and there are members of staff on duty at all times to ensure your child is safe and will always have someone to speak to if there is a problem.