Care and Guidance underpins all aspects of our inclusive provision at Oulton academy and is the foundation on which our values rest.

Supporting your children, our students to be the best they possibly can is woven into the DNA of Oulton Academy. All students at Oulton are supported throughout their time at the academy. Oulton uses a continuum of. Services to support all student’s needs.


Should students experience barriers to their learning be they academic, physical, emotional or social we promptly intervene to support their access to the curriculum and enjoyment of school. Our academy operates strong inclusion practices led by our Special Educational Needs, Inclusion and Deep Support teams and our Haven, Haven+, PLC and Pathways provision.

Effective learning requires the processes of forgetting and recall, we ensure regular opportunities to revisit and revise what has been learnt so that study is regularly refreshed and recalled. Our feedback and assessment practices monitor when the intended learning has not been fully secured by students and our teachers effectively intervene, adjusting their teaching to do things differently to help all students learn well. 

For those students with special educational needs and disabilities who require reasonable adjustments to support their needs we ensure access arrangements are in place to support their normal way of working and where required deploy teaching assistant support. We believe that all our students should be valued equally, treated with respect and be given equal opportunities in all forms of school life. Please see our SEND pages for additional information.

There is a strong focus on students’ literacy and numeracy skills and where appropriate we facilitate increased access to English and Maths. Small group intervention is used to target gaps in understanding in core subjects. For students who miss aspects of their learning or require extra help catch up activities and targeted support are readily available. Elective after-school intervention and access to online learning programs are provided for those students seeking extra assurance and help etc.