Accessing the Online Academy

Accessing the Online Academy

This page is for students who are working from home.

Click here to log into Microsoft Teams


The user account looks like this, a password will be issued in school and the user will be asked to change this when they first login. If a user forgets their password they can reset it by contacting their learning manager or by emailing us clicking the link below.

All students should know their usernames and passwords. If you have any issues with this please email their learning manager detailing your child’s name and if known username:

Learning Managers Contact Details


Online Learning - In the event of a school closure

  • Timetable
    • Students in all situations will follow their normal timetable and this will be accessible from home in their calendar.
  • All lessons
    • The Online Academy will be used to enhance all face--to-face learning, and give students 24 7 access to learning resources, revision and collaborative learning opportunities. Each subject will tailor this to best support the pedagogy for that subject area.
  • Self-Isolation
    • Students who have to self-isolate will follow their normal timetable at home. They would access the work they need to do independently on Microsoft Teams
  • Partial Bubble or Whole School Lockdown
    • Students who are part of any partial bubble or whole school lockdown will access online face-to-face remote learning the very next day. This will be with their normal teacher on Microsoft Teams.

Additional Online Learning

Key Stage 3

BBC Bitesize have also added daily lessons for pupils to follow that can be accessed here and here.The Oak National Academy have also created lessons for pupils here.

Key Stage 4

Additional work will also be set and/or accessed on the following websites (click to access):


If you have any safeguarding concerns with our online academy please use the button below: