Year 10


Oulton Academy is committed to ensuring that our students are fully briefed on the exam and assessment process in place in the centre and are aware of the required JCQ/Awarding Body Instructions and Information for Candidates. 

This page aims to advise you on information you need to know about Year 10 examinations. 

For further information about exams at Oulton Academy, please see our Examinations page.

Year 10 Exam Timetable Summer 2024

 Year 10

*Students who miss an Exam due to a trip or D of E expedition will not be penalised, and will be provided with an alternative date where possible. 

How to Succeed in Your Exams 

In a bid to help Year 10 students with the tools needed for exam triumph at the end of their first GCSE year at Oulton Academy, Assistant Principal Mr Carr has lead Year 10 students through a dynamic assembly, titled 'How to Succeed in Your Exams'. The session focussed on personalised strategies tailored to each student's unique learning style.

The assembly emphasised the importance of recognising individual strengths and weaknesses, asserting that a one-size-fits-all method may not produce optimal results for every student. Instead, it advocates for a personalised approach to exam preparation, encouraging students to explore various techniques to discover what works best for them.

During the assembly, Mr Carr demonstrated a number of exam preparation strategies, ranging from time management techniques to effective study habits. Mr Carr stressed the significance of organisation and planning, advising students to create structured study schedules to maximise productivity and minimise stress.

Mr Carr emphasised the value of practice and revision, urging students to engage in regular review sessions to reinforce their understanding of key concepts. 

Students are encouraged to seek support from parents, teachers, friends, and resources available both within and outside of the school.