Year 10

Below is a list of all the current assessment PPE dates. Please note that this is a live document and more information will be added throughout the academic year.






Nature Poetry Knowledge Test:

Students need to revise the four nature poems being covered this half term (Death of a Naturalist, Hawk Roosting, To Autumn, excerpt from The Prelude).

They will be asked questions about the "what" of each poem, killer quote recall, context, and the poets' messages. In the final section of the test, they will complete an extended reading response about one of the poems.

This is the third poetry knowledge test of four that Year 10 will complete this year.



In History, Year 10 will be assessed on the following areas:

  1. The full medicine course which includes: Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial, Modern, and WW1 medicine. This will cover surgery, beliefs about disease, public health, and care for the sick.
  2. Students will be examined on all the skills such as describe, source analysis, and reaching a judgement.
  3. Students will also be examined on the full Anglo-Saxon and Norman course so far.

Hospitality & Catering

The year 10 assessment for Hospitality and Catering will be a formal making assessment using the exam board assessment criteria.

Health & Social Care

The Year 10 assessment for Health and Social Care will be a controlled assessment response to a coursework task : 'Support needed for individuals'.


Year 10 assessment for Timbers will be a practical assessment of their 'Mozo' project.

3D Design

The Year 10 3D assessment will be based on their evaluation of making Lamp project.


Students will carry out a GCSE- style writing task on AQA GCSE Themes 3.1 (My Studies) & 3.2 (Life at School). Bullet points to write about could cover: 

  • Opinions of school, subjects, teachers
  • Description of facilities, rules, uniform
  • Comparisons