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Year 11 Prom

The 2024 Year 11 Prom will be taking place at The King's Croft Hotel, Wakefield Road, Pontefract, WF8 4HA on Wednesday the 26th of June 2024. Tickets cost £40, which includes welcome drinks, a three-course meal, a staffed bar (selling non-alcoholic drinks), DJ, professional photographer as well as various awards and prizes. 

A £10 deposit is required, which can be paid via ParentPay, the remaining balance of £30 is required by the 24th of May 2024

The prom is a celebration of our students’ efforts, and it is always a fantastic occasion for all concerned. It is, however, a privilege, not a right and we have agreed the criteria necessary for admission. 


Prom Criteria 

As prom is a celebration of all the hard work that students have put in, we hope that all students take the opportunity to be a part of the festivities. However, to attend, we do have some criteria that students must meet:

Between 31st January and 26th June, students who are suspended will not be allowed to attend the prom. Students placed in R+R more than three times (one per term) will not be allowed to attend the prom; neither will any student who exceeds five detentions per academic year. Students need 95% attendance to attend the prom (unless there are exceptional circumstances). The purpose of these measures is so students continue to show the right attitude until the end of Year 11 and those who deserve the reward of attending the prom will benefit.

We also launched the ‘Earn your stripes’ initiative this year where students can earn a discount on their prom ticket if they qualify. These stripes are outlined below.


2 values = £10 off prom ticket

4 values = £15 off prom ticket

6 values + 97% or above = Free prom ticket 


As you will be aware we are striving for the highest standards, however, we understand that students do occasionally make mistakes and it is important for us that they learn from them. In the past we have found that this incentive can improve behaviour, attendance and outcomes in this crucial year. 

If your child is not eligible for the prom, this deposit will be refunded. The deposit will be non-refundable for students who achieve the minimum attendance target. The final cost for the ticket will be dependent on your child’s successes with revision points and school attendance; you will be informed of the final cost, including deductions, nearer to the Prom date.

Earn Your Stripes