School of Character Quality Mark

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Following an evaluative assessment of your school’s character education provision on the 8th July 2022, the Association for Character Education can confirm that your school has met the exacting standards required to be awarded the “School of Character Quality Mark Award. T Haigh CEO

Why is Character education important:

The choices an individual makes determines their future, and the purpose of developing good character is the ability to make good choices. Character allows us to flourish as individuals, and as a wider society. This is why the development of character, as well as achieving academic attainment, should be the purpose of education.

“Character becomes your destiny,” Lao Tzu, Philosopher

How does Oulton Academy deliver character education:

We don’t believe that there is a blueprint for how character education should be delivered.

Character education should be shaped by the needs of the children and community it serves. But we do believe that for it to be truly transformative it should be planned, intentional and fully embedded across the whole - school or organisation.

Only then can character be truly ‘taught,’ ‘caught, and ‘sought.’

How does the Association of Character Education (ACE) support Oulton Academy

 Oulton Academy recognises the benefits of the quality mark, it allows us to demonstrate, share and enable outstanding practice in character education within our academy. This involves harnessing the extensive expertise that exists within our community, so that staff and students can learn from each other.