SEND Inclusion Award


After a thorough and robust assessment verification we have been awarded the SEND Inclusion Award. This is usually an 18 month process but due to hard work and diligence we have completed this award in only 9 months.

The process involved compiling a wide range of evidence from across the academy, looking at every aspect of SEND provision. Regular meetings with our SEND governor and working closely with the rest of SLT to highlight and demonstrate our impact. 

We have been especially pleased by the way our staff and pupils have taken up this award and the fantastic feedback we have received does them justice.

Some key points;

  • The excellent portfolio evidences a wide range of school-based documentation reflecting a school which strongly believes in the vital role it has in supporting all students. Without doubt, developments in this aspect of the school’s provision will continue to go from strength to strength. The portfolio was very well organised and reflects the high standards of the co-ordinator.
  • Inclusion is at the heart of the school and the foundation on which all other developments are built upon.
  • The SENCO provides the Local Governing Board (LGB) with a wealth of information. In addition, there are regular meetings with an appointed governor. As a result, the LBG has an excellent understanding of the school’s effectiveness relating to SEND provision.
  • Parents are extremely grateful to a school team who are very approachable and helpful. Feedback from parents via the various methods used by the school, reflect the positive relationship between the school and the parent body. 
  • Communication is a real strength. Any concerns or worries are quickly addressed.  
  • Parents were very positive about the ways in which Oulton celebrated the “whole” child. The emphasis of nurture and support, in their view, is always a key priority of the school.   
  • Students enjoy their learning and know that they can ask for support when they need to. There are lots of other activities beyond the classroom which they can take part in. 
  • The SENDIA co-ordinator has been highly effective and has ensured all developments have been embedded into the school’s systems, the evidence of which was clear in the documentation.
  • Students recognised that staff will do all they can to help and are tenacious in their efforts. The school’s provision to support all students is extremely effective. 

Send-Inclusion-Award-Oulton-Academy .pdf